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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fire Station Fieldtrip - Complete with a Fire Dog!

I am so excited for next week. Our center has adopted a new curriculum that I couldn't be more enthusiastic about. We are doing "Community" as the overall theme with lots of smaller, but related themes within -- The next two weeks are Community Helpers. On Tuesday we have a fire dog coming in (actually my co-teacher's sister has a dalmatian to bring and share!). We are going to spend the entire day talking about fire dogs and even top the day off with the math project of counting the Dalmatian spots! The next day we are going to hit up the fire station next door... the entire center! Yep, that's right, toddlers and all - I'm really hoping to create a bond with the fire station next door and get the kids hooked up with some firefighter hats fairly often. More often than not when the firefighters are outside my kids are running to the fence on the playground to say hi... I'd love for there to be a relationship between the kids & the firefighters --- now it's just a matter of figuring out how!
I'm also excited that we are going to be doing some construction worker stuff too. We are hoping to have a real live construction worker come in, with tools and all. Perhaps if we're lucky he'll have a construction work truck too! Trucks make everything more exciting. I can't wait to talk about garbage men (and women!), librarians, supermarket checkers and everyone else who helps out and makes our community a community! We also have the King County Library Bus coming to visit for the first time, this will be a part of the Community Vehicles week. -- Okay, i'm going to stop gushing now, but i'm just SO EXCITED for our curriculum the next 8 weeks! -- I just realized this post should win for "post with the most exclamation marks!!  SOOOOOOO SUPER STOKED for a number of great weeks ahead!

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