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Monday, July 11, 2011

At the Seaside

Summer has finally (hopefully) decided to stick around. Our family loves to go to the beach and we've come up with some pretty darn cute craft projects to do when we get home. It's a great way to remember our vacation. I always put my son's name and age on the back, just to preserve the memory!

First on the beach craft to-do list are these adorable shell critters. I soak the shells in a little bleach and water solution overnight to get the clean white look. Although we've painted them in our house too, they get a tie dye effect! I used fimo clay (the stuff you bake) because it's already colored which makes it super easy. You could always make your own salt dough, dry it and paint it.

Did you see my past blog about mobiles?
Making mobiles
Here's a great use for those shells! Both my son and hubby love to collect shells and rocks, here's a great way to display those shells!

I seems like there are lots of stores celebrating Christmas in July. Here's a great way to get some Christmas presents done early!

Just take some sand dollars, let your kiddo paint on them (it doesn't have to be a poinsettia) put a little super glue and ribbon on the back and viola you've got an ornament. It'll work with any shell and remind you of your great beach vacations when it's super cold and snowy outside!

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