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Friday, March 30, 2012

April Showers....

.... bring cool rain crafts. I know, I know... it's way easier and much more fun to just skip the showers and move on to the showers but we're not going to! We can't forget that important water which helps our flowers grow. Not to mention I live in Washington and really, there is no ignoring the constant rainfall outside.

Most of you have probably noticed that I love things that hang... what a waste of white space a ceiling is, so lets dress it up today with this adorable mobile. This is the perfect time to talk about boots and rain gear too! Just take a hanger, cover it up with blue (or gray if you live in Washington!) construction paper and create away. I've gone as far as to provide the kids with cocktail umbrellas to hang. We've added flowers, glittered rain drops, cotton clouds. The sky is the limit on this one. The project makes for a great class discussion before it gets underway.

... April showers also bring RAINBOWS. I am personally a huge sucker for a hand print rainbow and will completely admit i've made them with the kids and left them up WAY longer than any classroom craft should be left on the wall. My parents were probably thinking that we spent a month doing nothing (okay, they know better...) because this rainbow even moved around the room at some points...
   we also added on to it at one point, we decorated the red parts in color coordinating craft supplies such as feathers, colored wood shapes and sequins. By far one of my favorite projects!

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