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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From paper plate to animal

There are so many super cool things you can do with a common, everyday paper plate. I truly don't think i've ever worked in a preschool that doesn't have paper plates! This week at my center we are focused on animals and the paper plates are disappearing from the kitchen at an abnormal rate!

Today we made these adorable birds that started with separating a paper plate like so...

Okay... I admit it, I traced a paper plate because I didn't want to wait for paint to dry and cut the plate apart. I'm impatient, I know it... ANYWAY -- When glued together we used the extra construction paper to make some eyes and some great feathers to glue on to the bird. Every bird turned out different and the kids had a blast making them. Here's the final project, I also made some curves on the tails and wings to help the kids realize what was a head & what was a wing or tail.

Next on the list of paper plate to-do is FISH.  Super, super simple and open to anyway you want to decorate!

Paper plate fish look adorable hanging from any celing and they are great for collages. Any child will be proud of their glittered, tissue papers, painted, colored fish. Remember, process over product and watch what the kids are learning from this great activity.

I've got a million (okay, maybe not THAT much, but a lot) of pictures on my camera that i've taken and haven't blogged about so keep posted & i'll get them up and online sooner than later! Plus fall is coming up, trees, leaves and apples are in the near future!!

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