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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby it's COLD outside!

So lets do some great projects inside... I reciently transitoned to an iPhone, so now I can take classroom pictures AND easily upload them. Whoo hoo -- if you could only see my happy dance right now!  Lets start out with some cute hand and foot (not like the disease!) Reindeer. If you look closely you'll find out that the Reindeer head is a foot traced, the antlers are hands -- add some eyes and a Rudolph nose -- good to go! This is a great project and parents really love to keep a record of handprints, so it's a kid and parent pleaser. This next project is a clothespin Reindeer. I admit it I haven't done this one yet, it's on my list of things I should do before Christmas (holy cow is THAT a list) I reciently saw it on a friend's (thanks Shelby & Chris) Christmas tree. I have a ton of these clothespins wandering around my classroom right now so it'll be a great low budget holiday ornament for the tree! Just take a couple clothespins, glue them together -- add some wiggly eyes and a pom pom. Your good to go! If you wanted you could always paint the clothespins brown or add some yarn.

We also made tie-die snowflakes - which I don't have a picture of... sorry... Take a coffee filter, cut it into a snowflake by folding it over multiple times. Allow the kids to drip water color paint or food coloring in water over the coffee filter. It will slowly expand out. This is a great lesson about colors combining too. If the filters get too wet they will rip, so make sure you are only dripping. You could add some small motor into the mix and use eyedroppers. Lets get those grips strong enough and ready for writing.

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