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Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's cold outside & Winter is on my mind...

Soooooooooo lets make some cool winter wonderland art projects!

This first project I call Picasso snowmen. It originally started out as a collage snowman, but I had to leave the classroom and my assistant teacher let the kids take over... (hey, why not!). So I pre cut the snowman parts and gave the kids some glitter and glue. Did you notice the snowman on the left has it's hat upside down? Plus I think both of these snowmen have at least 8 legs! Each snowman is happily mounted up on the board and I think it's one of my favorite projects this year, just because the kids had SO MUCH FUN.

It's a hand-y wreath. This one isn't quite finished and really the berries should be on the outside instead of stuck in the middle, but it's process of learning that is more important than the product anyway! A few more hands to fill it in around the outside and it will be a GREAT holiday art project to hang up at home.

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  1. I love these ideas...gonna make snowmans with the kids! keep the ideas coming...wait..I just need your curriculm so I can do something crafty every day! lol