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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Okay, first of all I know, I know, I know... I haven't written for awhile. What can I say, life has been BUSY around our household. I completely regret not sitting down and writing something over the holidays because the classroom was amazing and the kids had a blast -- In the words of a CoWorker of mine, it is what it is... and I'm sitting here writing now.

Valentines Day is quickly approaching ( we're only 17 days away people ) and I'm finally getting some stuff up in the classroom, I have a new and amazing technique that will change your outlook on glitter forever, plus maybe i'll toss in some bonus alphabet crafts too! I know your drooling in anticipation now, right?

Valentines Day! The day of shoe boxes, candy and hyped up kids. We did a super fun craft for Valentines day a few days ago, which also incorporates my new glitter policy... This is what we made:

 Valentines Day Sun Catcher! -- This is a super simple project and the kids love it. Make sure you cut out the hearts before the project starts. They kids will be so excited they won't want to wait while you cut (trust me, found this out the hard way!).
First thing is first, cover the entire work area with clear contact paper. I covered two tables put together, but I have 10 kids in my room so you'll have to use your judgement depending on how many your making. On a table next to it I put tissue paper, glitter and sequins. Then place the heart cut out on to the contact paper and let the kids go to town! They have a blast putting all kinds of stuff on to the paper and the glitter doesn't go anywhere because it's stuck to the paper! Toss another piece of contact paper over the top (or i'm lucky enough to have a laminate machine at my work, so I cut them out & laminated over it, way easier with so many hearts) and ta-da your done! Super easy & super cute!

Now, as I mentioned before i'm going to tell you the BEST secret for containing any glitter project. CONTACT PAPER - this stuff is amazing. It catches the glitter before it gets a chance to spew all over. Then clean up is as simple as pulling the paper up and tossing it away, or cutting cute little shapes out of it. Love, LOve, LOVE this concept. It works every time and makes glitter doable with a large amount of kids!

Every week we do a different letter in the classroom, last week our letter was V. Originally I was going to have the kids cover the letter V in Velcro but that just seemed so boring, so we made vases instead.

V is for vase!

My February resolution (hahaha, I know, i'm late at everything!) is to write more so hopefully you'll be seeing more Outside the Preschool Box ideas!

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