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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our awesome winter theme!

Two days in a row! -- Are ya'll as absolutely thrilled as I am?

I'm diving more into our current Winter theme. This is a project from another teacher and I just loved the look of it. The project consists of blue and purple paint, plus two doily cut outs. You could totally modify this into a valentines day theme with a heart shape doily too. Put the doily down, paint it and then pull it up leaving the shape!

You could easily do this project with multiple kids at a time, which makes a happy preschool teacher.

This is our science table this week. We got in these AMAZING coffee filters that are absolutely huge. This just screams put watercolor paints on me and watch them bleed! I put some rock salt in the bottom of the filters to absorb just a little extra water, because you know it's been all about the colors! Plus I always leave a paper towel roll at the table, just in case!
Speaking of huge coffee filters we managed to make these super cool snowflakes too. Of course with my obsession I ran them thru the lamination machine so they flattened out & went up on the wall easier. The is definitely a process over product project and there is A LOT of science talk that comes out of it.

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