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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas !!

Okay, I admit it - I'm excited. This week is going to contain some super cute Holiday crafts - this particular blog focuses more on Christmas but I'll put up some Hanukkah and Kwanza ideas later.
First off we have adorable hand Santa Clause. It takes more prep on the teacher's part since they need some cutting out for the facial features, but they're super cute! The kids can glue everything - this picture was obviously made by an adult since everything is straight...
These Christmas tree ornaments are made out of yogurt lids. It's amazing the cute things that can come out of gluing on some seasonally colored buttons and adding some string. I'd recommend using super glue when you add the string as it doesn't like to stick with regular white glue.
This is my favorite Christmas craft. The kids can do EVERYTHING from gluing (or stapling the Popsicle sticks if the glue isn't holding, or your impatient like me). Add whatever is in your sequin / glitter bin and your good to go! Kids love doing this with Christmas sequins, you can pick those up at any chain store (ex: Target, Bartell Drug, Wal Mart...) or most craft stores (JoAnne Fabric or Michaels)

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