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Monday, November 1, 2010

Gobble Gobble Gobble

It's November 1st -- that means Goodbye crazy Halloween and Hello Turkeys and being Thankful! This morning I spent the morning letting the kids "free play" while I ripped down the entire classroom. No more Halloween lights, ghosts, skulls and out into the dumpster went our haunted house. I always like the change of seasons, it gives me a chance to clean the room and start new... I also think it's great when all my parents come in the first week and comment how bare the classroom is. I think it reminds them of how much their kiddos actually do.

Today we discussed reasons why we are thankful. Tomorrow I am going to write those reasons on paper feathers and allow the kids to glue them on to Turkeys. Each kid should have at least three feathers of thankfulness, even if they are simple one word answers like friends, family and sharing. One child today told me he was thankful for his Halloween Candy - when we dove further into the discussion he was thankful because he got to share the candy with his older brother & they spent time together eating M&M's. He also told me he was saving all his M&Ms to share with his brother. It's amazing what kids will do just for a moment of time.

No pictures today as we haven't started any Turkey projects yet --- keep an eye out, it won't take long!

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