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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

If you haven't gone to the Pumpkin Farm yet this year visit The Farm in Snohomish - my 2 year old son adored it. We actually went last weekend and I have been meaning to post about it ever since!

Back at the Preschool this week -- we're making spider candy holders for our Halloween Party on Friday. First off paint a paper plate black on both sides. I usually let the kids mix their own black - they love mixing paint anyway. Pre-cut the legs and when everything is dry cut the plate in half, and staple it all together. The kids love to help staple, plus it's great for their small motor skills. Glue on some wiggly eyes and your good to go with a great Halloween candy holder to take home. I'm planning on putting their names on the front and putting them on the wall so the kids can add their own candy as they please... but the rule stands - the candy goes in but doesn't come out. 
5 Lil' Pumpkins Sitting on a Fence...
 The first one said " My it's getting late "
 The second one said " There's witches in the air "
 The third one said " We don't care "
 The fourth one said " Lets run and run and run "
 The fifth one said " Lets have some fun "
and whoooooooo went the wind and <clap> OUT when the lights
Five Lil' Pumpkins scurried out of sight !

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