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Saturday, October 23, 2010

8 More Days Till Halloween

Our classroom count down is going. We have both rings and a numbers countdown going this year. Everyone is so super excited!

We made these great pumpkins out of colored Popsicle sticks with a little construction paper. Elmer's glue is great because it will dry clear. These things were covered with white when the kids finished them!

This is our classroom haunted house. We are remodeling at the daycare and this box was a discard. Imagine my excitement when my boss showed it to me! It was like Christmas instead of Halloween... I took some black plastic bags and stapled them on top, cut a door and instant haunted house. It's over by the shelf with the people and dinosaurs so the kids love to create their own scenes to play out.

Another classroom tree... I let the kids corn syrup paint the leaves and we wrote down what they thought of leaves. Some of the kids were super simple "Leaves Fall" while others proceeded to tell me the colors, how they fell... it turned into a great 1:1 conversation piece!

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