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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The leaves are really falling !!

Ohhhh, I love the weekend. I love the weekend more than I love Quiche day -- I know, that's a hard one to wrap your head around but I really, truly do! This week is fall themed.

To the theme "Have you ever seen a lassie"
The leaves are really falling
are falling
are falling
The leaves are really falling
'cause autumn is here....

There's red ones
and orange ones
and brown ones
and yellow ones
The leaves are really falling
'cause autumn is here

Leaf rubbings are a tried and true Autumn must be here activity. Take a nature walk and find all different types of leaves. Place the leaves under a piece of paper (which you may need to tape the paper down) take a crayon and rub the long side (wrapper off, of course) back and forth on paper, on top of the leaves. This will leave a very cool leaf pattern...

This rhyme is an all time favorite in my classroom.... The kids love it so much they will say it with me, or raise their hands to finish the sentence when I ask what the first pumpkin said...

5 Lil' Pumpkins sitting on a fence
The First one said " My it's getting late"
The Second one said " There's Witches in the air"
The Third one said " We don't care !"
The Fourth one said " Lets Run and Run and Run"
The Fifth one said "Lets have some fun"
and Whooooooooooooo went the wind
and (CLAP) OUT went the lights
and Five Lil' Pumpkins scurried outta sight.

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