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Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Cool Fall Stuff !

Okay, this week I FINALLY remembered to bring a camera with me to my classroom so I can post actual pictures of the cool stuff we do....

As I mentioned earlier, We are batty for books in the classroom - this is the wall directly above the library. I accented our cool bats with these cute spiders. I'm sure that EVERYONE knows that spiders are black circles with blue, yellow and brown feathers glued all over them! While I pre cut the legs, body and eyes the kids decorated their spider bodies with as many different crafty leftovers as I could find. Most of them love feathers so these spiders are certainly stylin' in wonderful fall coats!

As most of you wonderful readers have figured out by now I LOVE GLITTER, but sometimes my classroom just can't handle it. Everyone has off days and on those days I pull out the glitter equivalent which you probably have in your pantry and sweeps up WAY easier. For this easier to clean up project you'll need a food coloring, ziplock bags and white rice. Toss some rice into the ziplock, drip in a few drops of food coloring and shake it up! We made these great leaves with our multi-colored rice. Just cut a leaf out of construction paper, give your kiddo a cup of glue and go to town!
At this point I must stop writing or I'll run out of pictures by Wednesday... I am so excited with so many more projects to share! Thanks for reading!

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