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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fun Begins With....

Everyone knows that fall fun begins with Preschool - this was a simple board with a blank tree. The leaves are the kids in my classroom's hands. They each sat down with me and talked about leaves. We traced their hands and stapled them to the tree. I'm planning on leaving it up for awhile and eventually turning it into a giving tree for Thanksgiving. You can also see the leaves I wrote about in yesterday's blog from farther away on the bottom and sides.

Fall fun also begins with undercover painting. The kids and I drew some common Halloween / Fall-ish stuff outside under our covered area. We talked about the spelling of the words and the letters as I drew. I handed the paint and sidewalk chalk over to the kids and they had some fun filling things in and drawing their own monsters. Tempera paint is the most amazing paint. You can buy it in bulk at many stores, although I am a huge fan of Lakeshore Learning  ( in Bellevue.

Okay, last project post for today -- Fall fun begins with BUGS. We made these great butterflies to add some color to our classroom. The body of the butterfly is the pinkie side of the child's hand and the wings are the individual hands. We called them after the child's name, this was Leslie's butterfly, so it's a Leslie-Fly. Just sharpie on some antenna and your good to go. This was a GREAT project and turned out adorable. It's a project I would take home and hang on my walls!

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